The JumpPort

Welcome to ponderware's newest innovation! An interoperable blockchain bridge and staking contract. With this platform, MoonCat owners may lock in (a.k.a. "stake"), MoonCats, giving them access to Portals. One such Portal will be to GravBall, the upcoming game exclusive to MoonCat owners. Check out the User Guide for an in-depth look into how it works.

The interoperability of the JumpPort allows other ERC721-compliant projects to create their own Portals. This means any developer can use the JumpPort as the basis for adding utility to ERC721 projects that need an means to lock and unlock tokens in an on-chain-verifiable manner (staking, token earning, deploying to games in their ecosystem, or even projecting their NFT onto multiple other blockchains (i.e., Layer 2). Are you a developer interested in utilizing the JumpPort for your project? Check out our Dev Guide for more info on that.

Chainstation Alpha is a big station, with plenty to do, but there's a universe of possibilities out there beyond even this one station. MoonCats and other digital residents who wish to travel beyond (whether it be to explore exciting new realms on the boundaries of charted space, or to take some time to explore on their own without their Etherian owners, or other adventures) can do so via the JumpPort!

Scientists who study the mysteries of Deep Space have found other places to travel to beyond our spacetime, and in order to get there, specialized ships or tools or means need to be employed to exit Chainstation Alpha's spacetime and enter another. One technique that the scientists are exploring is creating Portals to these other realms. Some Portals allow ships and denizens to transport fully to the other side (like walking across a bridge to a new shore), while some allow seeing through or projecting one's digital self through, while your physical self remains safely at Chainstation Alpha.